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Video and Board Games in Glasgow

  • See also PC Gaming
  • Scottish Games Week - October 24 to October 28 2022.
  • Gaming Scotland (Facebook) - Gaming Scotland is a community of gamers who get together regularly to play computer games across a local area network.
  • The Gamer Club - Private members club. Four rooms dedicated to board games, tabletop and D&D adventures, arcade games, retro video gaming and PC/VR games. Relax in exclusive comfortable surroundings in Glasgow city centre and let the games begin!
  • Press Start - Press Start is an open access, peer-reviewed student journal that publishes the best undergraduate and (post)graduate research from across the multidisciplinary subject of game studies. The Editorial Board and reviewers are comprised of students and recent graduates.


Gaming Bars

  • Level X - Bringing the very best games and exclusive activities from around the world - Gutterball, Alt Verse, Big Putts and Level Up
  • Boom Battle Bar - Battle it out with a mate or a date with our selection of games including Axe Throwing, Crazier Nolf, Augmented Reality Darts, Beer Pong, Shuffleboard & much more!
  • NQ64 Arcade Bar - Neon splattered drinking dens full of retro arcade games and classic consoles. We take as much pride in our drinks selection as we do in our games. Enjoy the perfect combo of sipping on game-themed cocktails or craft beers, whilst button bashing to victory against your mates.
  • Super Bario Arcade Bar (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

Gaming Cafes

  • Top Hat & Bishop - Freshly opened on Sauchiehall Street, Top Hat and Bishop combines new and traditional board games and retro arcade games with locally roasted coffee and home made cakes and snacks.
  • R-Cade Glasgow - In January 2018 we opened our doors to the public with just a handful of games and a truck load of ideas. We offered everyone the chance to experience retro video games the way they were intended; on original hardware with proper old school televisions. At the same time we wanted to bring back local multiplayer video game experiences to the masses too as the onslaught of online gaming had taken over the younger generation.
  • Comicrazy Cafe - Comic book and board game cafe based in Paisley

Gaming Podcasts

  • Penance RPG (Facebook) - Purveyors of Chaotic Homebrew RPG Content with a focus on storytelling, comedy and horror. New eps Sunday, streams almost daily
  • Consolevania - Consolevania is a videogame comedy show from Glasgow, Scotland, and it's the best and longest running videogame comedy show in the world. Founded by Rab Florence and Ryan Macleod, and now joined by Gerry McLaughlin (and sometimes Kenny Swanston), Consolevania is the old-school made new. Reviews, skits, weird storylines, all wrapped up in our influential lo-fi mixtape style - it's no wonder that 8 out of 10 people have called Consolevania “The best and longest running videogame show in the world,” like we mentioned earlier.
  • Players Too - PlayersToo is a website and weekly, hour-long gaming podcast produced entirely by two best friends from Glasgow, Scotland - Mark Henderson and Lewis Camley.
  • Brainwaves Podcast - A fortnightly cast bringing you the best in tabletop gaming news
  • Mirth & Magic (Twitter) - A twice-monthly RPG podcast, featuring individual game discussion as well as wider themes in RPG gaming. Classic and modern RPGs covered - everything from JRPGs, WRPGs, SRPGs, and anything inbetween. Brought to you by two woke English millennials.
  • Scottish Esports Hub Podcast - Talking everything esports in Scotland. Join our hosts Rory and Brian for the brand new Scottish Esports Hub podcast. Scottish Esports Hub is a not-for-profit social enterprise, based around esports careers advice, wellbeing and networking. will feature interviews, discussions and much more.
  • Geekzilla - Movies*Games*TV Shows*Toys

Gaming Nights

  • GlesGames - GlesGames is a bimonthly event which focuses on local multiplayer video games in Glasgow. From retro to modern, we provide a unique gaming experience.
  • Roll Wi' It - Se are a small group of board game enthusiasts and dungeon masters who want to bring the fun of board gaming to a wide audience of people. We offer a service of Game Nights For Hire, we bring the games and the equipment and teach you the ropes! We have a huge variety of all things nerdy.
  • Burn to Fight - Play the newest fighters and the old favourites. Train up for monthly tournaments. Take your skills to the next level every Wednesday and Friday 3PM-9:30PM at The Summoners
  • WednesdaysAre3D (W3D) - The only community of fighting game players in Scotland dedicated to learning Tekken. Weekly Tekken 7 sessions are on Wednesdays [16:00-22:00] at Max XP Gaming
  • Glasgow Phoenix Wargames Club - A friendly gaming club that meets in Partick Burgh Hall on Tuesday evenings. Most weeks will have both board games and tabletop games taking place. Visitors and new members are welcome.

Gaming Groups

Student Groups


  • West End Boardgames - I started West End Boardgames back in 2015. We've been meeting up regularly ever since to play a whole variety of different boardgames, from eurogame classics like Catan and Carcassone to the latest releases like Five Tribes and Dead of Winter. We currently meet at Curler's Rest and have a regular attendance of folk of different backgrounds and ages. So if some good old fashioned socialising over boardgames is your thing, come on down!

Gaming Sites

  • The Giant Brain - The Giant Brain is an independent tabletop game review site based in Scotland. We are also the home of the Brainwaves podcast, a fortnightly cast bringing you the best in tabletop gaming news.







  • The Scottish Games Network - The Scottish Games Network is an umbrella organisation which brings together everything relevant to the interactive entertainment sector in Scotland. Covering academia, business, culture and consumer issues, the Scottish Games Network is a focal point and community for the rapidly evolving industry.
  • Blazing Griffin - Founded in 2011 as a game development studio, the company has grown from a team of three to a group of companies spanning game development, film production and end-to-end post-production with around 40 staff based in Glasgow.
  • Focus Games: The White Studios - Focus Games was founded in 2004. Our design studio is in Glasgow and we do all our own development work in this studio. We have developed over 60 game-based resources to improve training, education and engagement in health and social care. The NHS is our biggest client.
  • Tsumanga Studios - Tsumanga Studios is a game publisher and producer based in Glasgow, Scotland. We have created 4 hit Winx Club games since 2013, resulting in over 15,000,000 installs and 2,500,000 Monthly Active Users.
  • Ludometrics - Ludometrics makes short games for people who don't have much spare time. The games take all sorts of forms, but that's the basic aim: you can play them quickly, in short bursts, over a long period of time. Ludometrics was founded on May 20, 2010 (which also happens to be World Metrology Day), and is based in Glasgow, Scotland.
  • The Secret Experiment (Twitter) - The Secret Experiment works with video-game studios on originating IP and delivering stand-out worlds, characters and dialogue for titles that we love. We make our own occasional games (like our BAFTA-winning release Beckett), while also working across other mediums (theatre, film, comics) when a projects inspires us.
  • No Code Studio - We are a small development studio making critically acclaimed and award winning games since 2015. A tight knit team of ex-AAA veterans and graduates alike, building BAFTA winning titles such as Stories Untold (2017) and Observation (2019) with regular publisher Devolver Digital.
  • Electra Games - Shelby Smith is a multi-disciplinary artist creating immersive video games with a focus on thoughtful and unconventional narratives and aesthetics. Her specialised interests include visual and aesthetical development, spatial cinematography and immersive audio/visual design for the moving image.
  • Calum Rodger - Poet from Scotland who likes making poems about games dabbling in making games about poems.
  • Changingday - Developing virtual reality games designed for and with autistic and neurodiverse gamers.


Games in Glasgow

Games set in Glasgow.

  • The Cone Game - The Cone Game is a persistent online world - every cone that is placed updates in real-time worldwide. That's right - every cone you see has been placed by another player and it’s your job to reach them! You play as one of the many cones that have been placed atop the head of the Duke of Wellington's statue in Glasgow, Scotland - Now it's your chance to prove you're the very best one!



  • VR Simulators (Facebook, Twitter) - VR Simulators Glasgow and Leeds are Europe’s first 5D virtual reality racing centres. As well as using the latest in virtual reality technology, we also provide motion seats and wind generation technology that gives true immersion by offering a representation of a full racing experience. Enjoy the thrills and endure the spills of racing on your choice of dozens of tracks, and in any of our wide range of realistically reimagined cars that include road cars, track cars, and Formula 1. Whether you want a day out with the family, corporate team building event, birthday party, or want a unique stag idea, VR Simulators will make your day like no other.
  • VR Party Arena - Our experiences are great fun with an added edge of jump scares. Ideal for Stag, Hen parties and for corporate team building, or just for fun with friends.
  • ImmotionVR - Within our VR Experience centres you will find a range of VR Experiences which creates immersive and competitive gameplay and unique cinematic VR experiences. Who is it for? Virtual Reality brings people together and is great for all ages and all abilities. Our guests from ages 8 to 80 enjoy the thrill of experiencing virtual reality. New to VR? Don’t worry, ImmotionVR’s friendly team will be on hand to make sure everyone is having a blast!

Web Comics




  • Matthew Bar - I’m a lecturer with an interest in learning, teaching and video games, based at the University of Glasgow where I previously convened the university’s first game studies course and was the founding editor for Press Start, a student-led, peer-reviewed game studies journal.

Chat Rooms




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