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Game Development in Glasgow

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  • Check out our Matrix chat room at (invite link
  • Glasgow Indie Games Festival - Jul 20th 2024. The Glasgow Independent Games Festival is a celebration of indie games. We pride ourselves in showing the most interesting, the weirdest, the most moving and unconventional games from Scotland and around the world. Expect lots of games to play - unreleased and upcoming titles from the most talented developers. And there's lots more too, we'll have interviews, talks, music and maybe even some poetry!
  • Glasgow Games - The Glasgow community for game developers, critics & journalists.
  • The Scottish Games Network - The Scottish Games Network is an umbrella organisation which brings together everything relevant to the interactive entertainment sector in Scotland. Covering academia, business, culture and consumer issues, the Scottish Games Network is a focal point and community for the rapidly evolving industry.



  • Blazing Griffin - Founded in 2011 as a game development studio, the company has grown from a team of three to a group of companies spanning game development, film production and end-to-end post-production with around 40 staff based in Glasgow.
  • Focus Games: The White Studios - Focus Games was founded in 2004. Our design studio is in Glasgow and we do all our own development work in this studio. We have developed over 60 game-based resources to improve training, education and engagement in health and social care. The NHS is our biggest client.
  • Tsumanga Studios - Tsumanga Studios is a game publisher and producer based in Glasgow, Scotland. We have created 4 hit Winx Club games since 2013, resulting in over 15,000,000 installs and 2,500,000 Monthly Active Users.
  • Ludometrics - Ludometrics makes short games for people who don't have much spare time. The games take all sorts of forms, but that's the basic aim: you can play them quickly, in short bursts, over a long period of time. Ludometrics was founded on May 20, 2010 (which also happens to be World Metrology Day), and is based in Glasgow, Scotland.
  • The Secret Experiment (Twitter) - The Secret Experiment works with video-game studios on originating IP and delivering stand-out worlds, characters and dialogue for titles that we love. We make our own occasional games (like our BAFTA-winning release Beckett), while also working across other mediums (theatre, film, comics) when a projects inspires us.
  • No Code Studio - We are a small development studio making critically acclaimed and award winning games since 2015. A tight knit team of ex-AAA veterans and graduates alike, building BAFTA winning titles such as Stories Untold (2017) and Observation (2019) with regular publisher Devolver Digital.
  • Electra Games - Shelby Smith is a multi-disciplinary artist creating immersive video games with a focus on thoughtful and unconventional narratives and aesthetics. Her specialised interests include visual and aesthetical development, spatial cinematography and immersive audio/visual design for the moving image.
  • Calum Rodger - Poet from Scotland who likes making poems about games dabbling in making games about poems.
  • Changingday - Developing virtual reality games designed for and with autistic and neurodiverse gamers.
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