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At we are dedicated to providing free services to Glasgow communities. We specialise in open source, free and decentralised services. To that end we run public and free-to-use instances of the following:

What We Do

If you are starting a group, community or society in Glasgow we can provide a free website (and/or website hosting) as well as services to allow you to set up chatrooms, forums, blogs and so on. Helping you gives us an opportunity to teach our members that are new to system admin, or web development how to get started. We're funded by donations.

Contact Us


  • Matrix - Chat rooms
  • Lemmy - Community forums
  • Mastodon - Social media/micro blogging
  • Wiki - A community resource of links and information
  • Mumble - A voice chat server


  • Open Source Glasgow - A group of open source enthusiasts who meet regularly to teach the basics of programming, web development and Linux system adminstration. We help newcomers set up their own websites and help them get started with open source products.


  • Projects - We have a number of member hosted projects. This area is still a work in progress.

Code of Conduct

Open Data


  • We are funded by private donations.
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