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Shareable invite link:

An open network for secure, decentralized communication. Put simply, it's a chat room but you can access them from mobile apps, or over the web. It works in a similar way to Discord.

You can use the above invite link to get connected on desktop or mobile. Alternatively you can use our public web interface at

You can connect by creating an account at the above URL, or by installing one of the many mobile clients. Enter your homeserver as when prompted (if you want to be able to browse the local rooms). See for more instructions.

If you are on a different server to (the default is then you can type /join (for example) to directly connect to one of our rooms.


#glasgow:glasgow.socialGeneral chat - monthly meetup and events
#reddit:glasgow.socialOrganising the Reddit Glasgow meetups and general chat
#opensource:glasgow.socialRoom for Open Source Glasgow
#minecraft:glasgow.socialRoom for our Minecraft server
#geek:glasgow.socialRoom for the Glasgow Geek Social (and general geek chat)
#politics:glasgow.socialKeeps the politics chat out of the other rooms!
#countdown:glasgow.socialThere is a continous game of countdown/boggle running in this room
#2600:glasgow.socialRoom for Glasgow 2600
#science:glasgow.socialGeneral science chat
#bookgroup:glasgow.socialThe Sci-fi Bookgroup
#tenforward:glasgow.socialStar trek chat
#computers:glasgow.socialComputer science and links
#tech:glasgow.socialGeneral Tech
#boardgames:glasgow.socialBoard games (regular meetup on Tuesdays in Curlers Rest)
#gigs:glasgow.socialGlasgow Gig Goers
#podcasts:glasgow.socialGlasgow Podcasts

There are lots more, click on the 'Explore rooms' (or # icon) to see the full directory.

Open Source

Matrix is decentralised and open source. That means you can set up your own server so you have complete control of your identity and data. Even if you have an account on a different server, you can still join our open chat rooms and take part. We also run an IRC server for anyone that prefers that. We're opening to trying out any new ways to communicate, as long as it's open source and prioritises privacy.

You can learn more about the project at

This is a great introduction for the geeks

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