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Sci-fi Bookgroup

We meet once a month (on the 3rd Wednesday in The Bon Accord, North Street).

When6pm, Wed 17th Nov 2021
WhereBon Accord, 153 North Street, Glasgow
TopicIain M. Banks, The Culture novels


We generally choose a topic each month and members are free to pick something along that theme. Then we discuss what we've each read. See the past meetups for examples of previous topics.

Chat Room

Visti our Matrix chat room at (invite link)

You can also get notifications about future meetups by joining The Glasgow Geeks on

Past Meetups

Wed 17th Nov 2021Iain M Banks's The
Wed 15th July 2020“Novels about remaking the future”
Wed 18th March 2020Novels that feature an AI as the protagonist or are written from the AI's point of
Wed 19th Feb 2020Hive
Wed 20th Nov 2020Space
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