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Second Hand

  • See also Charity Shops
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  • ReConnect Glasgow - We are part of Scotland's zero waste housing solution. ReConnect Glasgow is a thriving circular economy business based in heart of Glasgow. Explore our website to find out who we are, what we do, and why we do it. If you came looking for bargain furniture, you’re in the right place. Visit our showroom at 90 Camlachie St, Glasgow, G31 4AD.
  • Salvation Glasgow - SALVATION_glasgow is a small local business based in the south of Glasgow.
  • Glasgow Wood Recycling: Online Shop - Glasgow wood recycling is a social enterprise and charity established in 2007. We are committed to reducing the amount of wood needlessly going to landfill by finding creative and socially inclusive ways to reuse this valuable natural resource.
  • Office Furniture Centre: Used / Second Hand Office Furniture - Save even more money by considering our excellent condition used office desks for your office. Help your back with a great quality used office chair. Store everything away at a low cost with used office storage. Keep your spend down with good quality used office and meeting tables – that you will be happy to seat your customers at.
  • Chrystal & Hill - One of Scotland’s leading suppliers of new and used office furniture and new and used photocopiers.
  • Glasgow City Antiques - At Glasgow City Antiques, we have antique furniture, second-hand furniture, Arts & Crafts, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, collectibles, jewellery, Asian artifacts, vintage & retro, china & pottery, fireplaces, etc. With approximately 35 dealers at this time, all under the same roof, we are the biggest antiques/furniture/collectibles centre in Glasgow.
  • Retro Vintage Online - We are lovers of gorgeous mid-century furniture, Danish furniture and retro vintage furniture. We love finding new items, getting nervous and excited when we come across them and then have the chance to own them… even temporarily! We buy what we love. We buy what we’d love to have in our own home! The mantra is “If it doesn’t sell, we’ll take it home and keep it forever”.
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