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Glasgow Tech Meetup

An excuse for a wee Friday night catch up over a beer or two. Note the venue is unlicenced, but you can BYOB (bring your own beer or wine - it's encouraged!), though there are free teas and coffees too.

All welcome, from complete beginners to the more experienced users.

Come learn about what projects we've been working on or new technology we've been experimenting with.

We do this regularly on the first Friday of the month.

How to find us

Follow the directions on the getting here page. It's a basement venue - look for the red door just down Bath Lane, the lane between Bath Street and West Regent Street, opposite the Buff Club nightclub. There is a Gamer Club logo on a sign just above the door.

Community Chat Room

We have a Matrix chat room where you can get to know us before the meetings (and get help with any projects etc) - the room address is - if you don't already have a Matrix account you can use our invite link: - there are lots of mobile and desktop client options; we also have a public web interface at

Tech Meetup

Not to be confused with the other Tech Meetup that is running in Glasgow. See here for more info: Glasgow Tech Meetup

Who Goes?

The evening is a mix of various people from across Glasgow who are involved (or just interested in) all types of tech (both software and hardware) either professionally or as a hobby. We also host meetups at the same time (there is a lot of crossover talk) for the infosec group 2600 Glasgow and the open source collective Open Source Glasgow.

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