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Language in Glasgow


  • Lingo Flamingo - We run classes for adults of all ages in our very own Lingo Flamingo Language Nest, located in Shawlands, Glasgow, an area known for its vibrancy, diversity and strong sense of community.



  • Japanese Desk Scotland - As part of its activities, Japan Desk Scotland runs a weekly Japanese Class in the west end of Glasgow. The class is focused on reading and writing Japanese in hiragana and katakana, with a special attention to the role of joshi, particles or post-positions, in structuring Japanese sentences.


  • Vamos Glasgow - VamosGlasgow is a new company created to bring Spanish to everybody regardless of their age and background via fun and approachable classes.


  • Learn Gaelic - Welcome to LearnGaelic, a first-stop for anyone and everyone interested in learning Scottish Gaelic. Whatever stage you are at, whatever age you are, LearnGaelic has all the help you need on your Gaelic-learning journey.
  • Gonradh na Gaeilge Glaschú: Irish Language Classes - Beginners class and lower/intermediate class
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