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History of Glasgow




  • Glasgow: City of Gangs - City of Gangs is my second book on the history of gangs in Britain. My previous book, The Gangs of Manchester (2008), told the story of the scuttlers, Britain’s first youth cult.




  • The Glasgow Apollo (Wikipedia) - The Apollo is unique in the memory of Scottish music, dance hall and cinema fans over the age of 30 and for many, the venue which was situated at the top of the City's Renfield Street from 1927 to 1985, is closely associated with Glasgow's history.
  • Britannia Panopticon - The World's Oldest Surviving Music Hall - Situated on Glasgow's historic Trongate, this music hall began life in 1857 at a time when Glasgow's population was booming, and its streets were overcrowded with working folk desperate to be entertained. Music Halls were a popular form of entertainment with the working classes during the Victorian and Edwardian era. At first, they were back rooms behind pubs, though this one is different, being on the floor above! It would have held over 1500 visitors, eager to be amused and let off steam while watching the acts that ranged from singers, dancers and comedians to acrobats, animal, and novelty acts. In 1906, an eccentric showman, A.E Pickard, added a carnival, freak show, wax works and zoo to the entertainments where visitors could catch a glimpse of the Himalayan Bear in the basement or the Tattooed Lady in the attic.


Local History


Urban Exploration

World Wars

  • Glasgow University's Great War Project Blog - Glasgow University’s Great War is an ongoing project led by Professor Tony Pollard and supported by the University of Glasgow’s Chancellor’s Fund. As part of centenary commemorations, the project explores the experiences of the university community during the War. Research builds upon the University of Glasgow’s WWI Roll of Honour, an online database composed primarily of those who fell during the Great War and whose names are on the Memorial Panels in the Chapel.


Specific Venue History

Google Books: Glasgow

Internet Archive

  • Glasgow Text Search
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