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  • Given to the People - Given To The People is a study of the Pollok Free State. The Free State was initiated by the actions of local resident, Colin Macleod, who began a tree top protest against the building of the M77 motorway through public woodlands in Pollok, Glasgow, in the early 1990s.
  • Glasgow Queen Street Redevelopment 2016-2020 - A series of short videos featuring the progress of the redevelopment at Glasgow Queen Street. UPDATE 15 onwards: Progress of the rebuilding of the station (August 2017 to present). UPDATES 1-14: Track replacement in Queen Street High Level Tunnel, platform and track realignment and some of the EGIP works. (April - August 2016)
  • The Gallowgate Twins - The Whitevale and Bluevale Towers, otherwise known as the Gallowgate Twins, are the tallest buildings in Scotland. Hundreds of people once called them home. Due to years of neglect, they are no longer fit for human habitation and are now almost completely empty.
  • Ross Kemp Extreme World: Issues in Scotland Compilation - Glasgow: Homelessness, Selling Drugs, Supported Housing and Living on Benefits


  • Nedumentary - I first became intrigued by the world of the ned during the late 90s after frequent visits to the ned mecca better known as Glasgow. At the time ned and chav culture had not yet caught the attention of the mainstream so in 2000 I decided to pick up a camera and make a mockumentary about this urban menace.
  • NEDS Kru ft. The Wee Man - When mild mannered tosser Stanley Weeman drinks radioactive Irn Bru, he transforms into The Wee Man, angry scum crusader and purveyor of top quality dick jokes. Teaming up with rave masters N.E.D.S. KRU, Manky records brings you 'Here You (That'll Be Right)'. Lock up your grannies!


  • KH-4 - A strange film about a Glasgow artist (played by a young Bill Forsyth) who uses the city as a source of inspiration. As he wanders the streets, the ongoing demolition process causes a disintegration of his ideas which are subsequently expressed in a depressing canvas. (1960s)

Historical Documentary





  • Glasgow Gets To Work (1935) - Travel back in time to 1935 and learn about Glasgow's transport network with the help of handy intertitles and maps. Steam trains puff through St Enoch’s Station, trams and buses cart crowds of fans to Hampden Park for the Scottish Cup final, and ferries ferry horses and carts across the Clyde.


  • Municipal Buildings (1922) - Unsurprisingly in a city infamous for its slums, this “Corporation of Glasgow Official Film” highlights their work in rehousing a 1920s population that was bulging at the seams. Unfortunately, the tour of the luxurious marbled City Chambers and the cattle herding at Merklands Cattle Wharf mark an awkward comparison with the coverage of the new housing schemes - a drop in the ocean of what was required.


The Clyde/Shipbuilding


Glasgow YouTube Videos

Music videos filmed in Glasgow

Glasgow YouTube Channels

  • You can access a live stream of the below channels at Lemmy: videos

Transport Channels

Music Channels

  • KINGDOM19 - We are a K-Pop cover dance team based in Glasgow, Scotland! We aim to bring people together through dance, providing a fun and relaxed environment, allowing people to improve their dance skills as well as make new friends.

Comedy Channels




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