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Writing in Glasgow

  • Slo-mo books - Set up around 2013 by Jamie Bolland and is attempting to bring a series of books and pamphlets into being by fellow poets, artists, and experimental writers based in Glasgow. It operates in very short runs of 300 to extremely short runs of 11 or less.
  • Scottish Writers' Centre (Facebook, Twitter) - The Scottish Writers’ Centre is a countrywide resource, which supports national writers and promotes Scotland’s vibrant literary culture. Operated solely by volunteers, the SWC is therefore by writers, for writers – the organisation provides a space for writers to meet, share ideas and experiences about the craft, and learn from those further advanced.
  • Glasgow SF Writers' Circle - GSFWC is a critique workshop for writers of fantastical literature based in Scotland.
  • Weegie Wednesday: Glasgow's Writing Network - The monthly networking group for people connected to books, publishing, bookselling – illustrators, comic book writers, drama, radio, TV, media and all related creative industries
  • Queens Park Railway Club - An artist run space located on the platform of Queens Park Railway Station on the South side of Glasgow. Run by Patrick Jameson and Ellis Luxemburg, the space has a continuing programme of events including exhibitions and residencies for artists and writers.
  • Meetup: Long Story Short, Write & Talk - “Long story short” is a Glasgow-based, weekly in-person meetup dedicated to short stories and how to write them. We write/read for an hour in silence, then in tables of fours or fives, we sit in awkward silence until someone breaks the ice to talk about stories.Long story short, we try to make friends and teach ourselves to write better.
  • Meetup: Shut up and Write! - Shut Up & Write!® is more than a movement, more than a good idea. We’re a method of writing that delivers. As an international organization, we are thousands of writers in a worldwide community, but most importantly, we are writers who write together in a local cafe. Join us.
  • Outwith Books (Twitter, Instagram) - Outwith Books started as a place for people to write together. With a bookshop on the side. We opened in summer 2019 and then… well, you know what happened. Things switched around, and we’re now a bookshop, with a small writing space out the back. It’s currently dormant, while the pandemic is unresolved.
  • Stage to Page - Stage to Page is a voluntary collective of writers, directors and actors who meet monthly to conduct short public workshops of scenes from brand new plays.
  • Glasgow Tales - I’m a retired gentleman from Glasgow who likes to write short stories. There’s nothing to sell and I’m not plugging my masterpiece of a book. I’m not affiliated to any of the links that are displayed. Just a simple old-fashioned website without any bells or whistles.
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Books set in Glasgow

  • The Toffs in the Tenement - The Toffs in the Tenement and The Toffs in the Towerblock are the titles of the Amazon bestselling books by Glasgow author Ron Windward (The eagerly awaited third book The Toffs in the West End will be available shortly). These hilarious Glasgow comedies are set in the slum tenements of Bridgeton Glasgow in 1968 and describe the trials and tribulations of the Nairn family.
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