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Rollerskating, inline skating and skates.

  • Kelvingrove Skate Park - A large all concrete skatepark that features both street and transition elements. The skatepark features a double bowl on one side with a speed bowl and kidney bowl linked at one side. The rest of the skatepark features a large area enclosed by flat banks and bowled edges with stair sets, staggered ledges, bowled areas as well as rails and ledges, hips and raised levels.
  • The Loading Bay - Indoor skateboard and bike park
  • Kingston DIY - A dry space for skaters that doesn't interfere with other citizens
  • People Skate Glasgow (Instagram) - Rollerskate Community Glasgow
  • Try Skating - Private and group lessons available in inline and roller skating both indoor and outdoor.
  • Rollerstop Roller Disco - Skating Lessons - Junior and adult lessons for basic skate skills, artistic skating and derby skating
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