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Podcasts from Glasgow


  • Small99: Small Business to Net Zero - Practical tips and advice on how to reduce your small businesses carbon footprint. With 99% of the UK's economy made up of small businesses, you can make a big impact with small changes.
  • Adam and Simon Bullshit Busters (RSS) - Adam and Simon are your expert guides through the world of marketing and small business. Our aim is to give you practical, bullshit-free, calm advice so you don’t feel anxious about what you’re not doing and get excited about what you could be doing.


  • Darren Connell: Straight White Whale - Step into the mind of Stand up comedian and Actor Darren Connell’s mind, as he takes a seat to have a chat out loud to himself once a week.
  • Wrong Term Memory - Hosts, Jack and Colin, are based in Glasgow and have been podcasting together since 2017. Each week they pick a topic and put their unique spin on it – while hopefully teaching you something you may not have known when you started listening. We speak about The 1990s, True Crime, History, Music, Sport and a range of other topics as well.



  • Under 1000 - Hosted by Thomas Flower, each episode of Under 1000 contains a brand new short story, never heard anywhere else before. All of the stories are one thousand words or less, keeping the episodes short and injecting just a quick bite of storytelling into your podcast feed. New episodes every Saturday and Sunday.

Food & Drink

  • The Quaich Podcast - From three whisky obsessed friends living in the city of Glasgow, Scotland. In the spirit of the traditional quaich drinking vessel we aim to welcome you and share our love of whisky in a light-hearted but informative manner.



  • Scott & Liam vs Evil (Twitter) - Join your hosts Scott & Liam as they take you on a drunken trip through the best, the worst and the in-between picks from horror cinema…Or at least try to.




  • Contagious Thinking RSS missing - Podcast from MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research
  • Naturally Speaking - A science pod-yssey brought to you by the Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine at the University of Glasgow. Naturally Speaking is first and foremost a podcast covering cutting edge research and light hearted ecology banter. We have invited blog posts and podcasts from researchers across our Institute and also visiting speakers. We’ve got a little something for everyone.
  • End of Life Studies Podcast - This podcast is brought to you by the University of Glasgow End of Life Studies Group. We conduct research into the ways in which society responds at the end of life. Our social, comparative and historical analysis of palliative care aims to promote global improvement in end of life care.


  • Common Weal - Common Weal is a people-powered think and do tank in Scotland. We develop policy on and campaign for social and economic equality, for wellbeing and the environment, for quality of life, for peace and justice.


Projects, or one-off podcast series.

  • In the Freethinker's Footsteps - A five-episode podcast series exploring the religious, political and gender controversies of 17th C Scotland
  • Think in Translation - We interview international authors, translators, publishers and booksellers on all things translation.
  • How Glasgow Flourished - In 2014 Kelvingrove Museum hosted the How Glasgow Flourished, 1714-1837 exhibition and conference, where academics delivered talks on various themes relating to the blossoming growth of Glasgow in this period. Through these 10-15 minute podcasts, our collected experts – from University professors to independent Historians – cover a range of topics within the 18th and 19th centuries.



Podcasts with no episodes in the last year.

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