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Vegan & Vegetarian in Glasgow

  • Serenity Now - A plant-based cafe in Glasgow's west end, focussing on fresh, healthy vegan cuisine, world-class coffee (courtesy of our good friends at dark arts) and smoothies that'll knock your socks off. all of our recipes are created by us and cooked from scratch right here in our kitchen, 100% free from animal produce but with plenty of love & care.
  • Glasgow Vegan Guide - Glasgow Vegan Guide was established in 2018 with the aim of promoting the vegan food scene in Glasgow and provide local vegans with a comprehensive resource to make it easier to find vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in Glasgow for all occasions.
  • Soul Food Kitchen - We are a100% plant-based restaurant with health and wellbeing at the heart and soul of everything we do. We were established to bring deliciously healthy plant-based food to Glasgow, unlike anything you have seen before.
  • The Glad Cafe - Since September 2018, we’ve been delighted to serve incredible vegetarian and vegan brunches from 9am-4pm made by the magnificent Hen of the Woods, the team behind the the brilliant Asian inspired menu at The Hug & Pint in the West End. As of January 2019, the award-winning culinary team at The Hug & Pint have also taken on evening service in the cafe from 5pm-10pm, with a rotating menu of pan-Asian vegan mains and small plates, including some favourites from the West End establishment.
  • The Hug and Pint - Critically acclaimed and award winning, the kitchen at The Hug and Pint makes the place a must visit in Glasgow for anyone interested in modern, creative vegan cuisine.
  • Hen of the Woods - Vegan & vegetarian catering from the award winning kitchen of The Hug and Pint. Currently in daytime residence at The Glad Cafe, Shawlands - cooking delicious breakfast, brunch and lunch every day from 10am!
  • Kcal Kitchen (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) - A nutritional focused healthy restaurant and smoothie bar in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Serving protein waffles, pancakes, shakes, smoothies, burgers and much more.
  • Locavore - Instead of food profits going to big corporations and their shareholders we want your food spending to work harder for society. That means investing in local growers, paying fair wages (we’re a living wage employer) and developing other initiatives which help build a fairer and more sustainable society.
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