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  • Glasgow Tales - I’m a retired gentleman from Glasgow who likes to write short stories. There’s nothing to sell and I’m not plugging my masterpiece of a book. I’m not affiliated to any of the links that are displayed. Just a simple old-fashioned website without any bells or whistles.
  • Glasgow, Taps-Aff or Taps-Oan? - An automated service; keeping the people of Glasgow informed.
  • Gerda 'Pytt' Geddes: Dancer in the Light by Frank Woods - Frank Woods lives and writes in East Scotland. He was an exploration geologist, a journalist, and a primary school teacher before he became a psychologist who specialized in working with troubled young people and their families. He has published short stories and poetry, as well as articles on a wide range of subjects. He first met Gerda Geddes when she gave a tai chi lecture and demonstration at Aberdeen University in 1998.
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