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  • 3k on the Green - A road race taking place in Glasgow Green usually on the last Friday of each month. Starting at the McLennan Arch the course follows the Clyde upstream for just over 1.5km where a quick turn takes the runners back along the same path but this time going downstream to finish at the boat house.
  • South by Five - A 5k race within King's Park, which is Race 1 of 6. Enter each race seperately or all as part of the series. South by Five is a 6 race series of 5k events inspired by the iconic Glasgow road race, South Side Six.
  • Jimmy Irvine Bella 10K - We plan to hold the next Jimmy Irvine Bella 10k race on 15 November 2020, starting at midday. It will be the tenth running of this very popular event and we hope to make it a special one. Make sure you save the date!
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