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Projects in Glasgow

  • See also Art: Projects
  • Good Press - A volunteer-run-informal-organisation dedicated to the promotion and distribution of independently published printed matter with a focus on visual arts and writing; occasionally music and artist objects.
  • OutSpokenArts - We are a professional arts organisation that focuses on those people with the protected characteristics.
  • Positive Action in Housing - Helping Refugees to Rebuild Their Lives
  • Equality Updates - Equality Updates is an information service on equalities and human rights, produced and maintained as a resource for Glasgow’s voluntary and public sector.
  • Swap Market - A skills, knowledge and goods exchange, Swap Market will also provide workshop space for facilitating the exchange of traditions and cultures; a place to work together to find innovative solutions to everyday problems. The space will feature a different kind of stock exchange with our in-store “Swaps and Shares index”.
  • The People's Bank of Govanhill = The People’s Bank of Govanhill is a feminist community currency project in Govanhill, Glasgow. The project takes Govanhill’s existing alternative economy as a starting point, considering the diversity and richness of the local community as a form of wealth.
  • Clyde Waterfront - Between 2003 and 2014 the Clyde Waterfront partnership was a major focus for rejuvenating a 20km corridor along the River Clyde.
  • Clydebank Re-built - Clydebank Re-built is an organisation dedicated to developing the area - its economy, environment, buildings and society.
  • The Egyptian Halls - The incredible, perplexing 40 year back story as to why The Egyptian Halls has still not been preserved!
  • Icecream Architecture - icecream architecture was founded in 2009 by co-directors Desmond Bernie and Sarah Frood, The practice has a community led ethos with a focus on regeneration, enterprise and action.


  • Central Stn - Central Stn was a bold experiment to see how social media tools and networks could be used to promote and support emergent creative talent. Launched in September 2009, the project ran for eight years. Born out of a need for a creative platform to broaden, deepen and widen engagement with contemporary art, film and design.
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