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Museums in Glasgow



  • The Tenement House - An authentic time capsule of life in early 20th-century Glasgow
  • Trades House Virtual Museum - The aim of the website is to enable those with an interest in the Trades House and the 14 Incorporations to view the interior of the Halls, the artefacts used in the Trades House, the names and images of many of the Deacons and Visitor and the names of past members of the Incorporations etc. The site will also be useful for those involved in Genealogy or have an interest in the history of Glasgow.



Natural History





  • Legacies of Slavery in Glasgow Museums and Collections - Historians have argued that Scotland’s relationship with transatlantic slavery is enveloped in a sort of ‘collective amnesia’ – a widespread lack of awareness of how our country participated in both the slave trade and slavery. This is true for Glasgow as much as it is for Scotland as a nation. Our city participated fully in the slavery economy, yet the journey of re-discovery and coming to terms with that participation is still in its infancy, and it has a long way to go yet.
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