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  • Colourways (YouTube) - Colour Ways Glasgow CIC was founded in May 2020. We are an artist led organisation which aims to support and promote graffiti and street art within Glasgow. We curate murals, host walking tours, have an online shop for selling artwork and we also host street art and graffiti workshops with young people across the city.nt for artists looking to get busy thinking up brilliant new work to populate future Tron programmes.
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Street Artists

  • Miss U Kam-Ling - Ursula Kam-Ling Cheng is a Northern-Irish born Scottish based illustrator and visual live drawing media artist. Fantasy, surreal realities and dreamy nostalgia absorb into her intricate, riotous ink drawings. Playful candy and neon colours fuse into her unique overwhelmed images, which often focus on female anthropomorphic figures taking central subject in these worlds.
  • Conzo Throb - Based in Glasgow, Conzo has been steadily creating works for the past decade which span multiple creative disciplines. With an armoury of skills rooted in illustrative graffiti, his work and style is usually character based and features unique image-play on both the ugly and the cute. Having travelled the world with showing his work, Conzo’s satirical paintings, based on humorous nuances of Scottish life keep him solidly tied to his roots and make him one of the UK’s finest artists in his field.
  • Negative Destination (YouTube) - One of the freshest faces in the Glasgow street art scene, Negative Destination has only been painting his fruit characters for just over a year now. This hasn’t stopped him making a huge impact and he is now a favourite of many around Glasgow. Having been lucky enough to see his progress during this time it has been hugely inspiring and is a perfect example of why we believe this type of art can be so powerful.
  • Mark Worst (alt link) - Mural Artist
  • Ellie Type - Letters . Murals . Illustrations
  • Frodrik (Store) - Brassing it. Murals & canvas work available
  • Mogo (Store) - Mogo is a French artist and illustrator based in Glasgow. She started painting the street in recent years with her dynamic Bee characters and they were an instant hit.
  • Rolek - Rolek has been involved in the Glasgow graffiti scene for a good while now. Developing his own style and pushing his own unique funk.
  • Spenny Be Nice (Store) - Spenny is one of the most diverse artists in the city. He sways from super eggy graffiti styles to characters that have the feel of another century.
  • Spray Prince (Store) - Sigh has been part of the Glasgow graffiti community for many years. He has recently started to push his style in a way that tests what is possible and some might say acceptable within this art form. With a rich understanding of how a ‘classic’ graffiti piece should be constructed, he is able to deconstruct his own work and create something completely different.
  • Croze (linktree) - Glasgow based interior/exterior mural artist


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