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Food Charities

  • Fareshare: Glasgow & West of Scotland - FareShare is the UK’s national network of charitable food redistributors, made up of 17 independent organisations. Together, we take good quality surplus food from right across the food industry and get it to almost 11,000 frontline charities and community groups.
  • Meals Collective (Twitter) - Meals Collective Glasgow is an non-profit organisation providing healthy comfort food and food parcels to those that need extra support during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Three Hills Glasgow (Twitter, Facebook) - As a hub for the community, Threehills will operate as an affordable supermarket, café and advice hub. We aim to provide immediate financial relief for households on low incomes by improving their access to affordable nutritious food, while addressing some of the underlying issues which may have left individuals and families vulnerable to hunger.
  • North Glasgow Community Food Initiative - We work with communities to empower them to lead practical and sustainable food related activities that improve health and well-being and which support them to build stronger, more cohesive communities.

Social Enterprise Cafes

  • Spoon Trongate - Spoon Cafes are social enterprise sit in and taking away cafes offering external catering services, space hire for public and private events. We are proud to be a Social Enterprise. We believe that everyone has the right to be treated equally, to be valued and to be included.
  • Wild Olive Treet - The Wild Olive Tree is a social enterprise café, started in 2015 as a ministry of St. George’s Tron, in whose sanctuary the café sits.


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