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Folk Music

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  • See also Bands: Folk
  • Glasgow Americana - Glasgow's Number One Americana Festival
  • Fallen Angels Club - “A keeper of the flame of good roots music in Scotland…” Established in 2004, by sole promoter Kevin Morris. The club has promoted well over 100 local and international artists from America, Canada, England, Wales, Germany and Italy – and of course Scotland.
  • Celtic Connections - Glasgow’s annual folk, roots and world music festival, Celtic Connections celebrates Celtic music and its connections to cultures across the globe.
  • Glasgow Folk Music Workshop - GFW formed in 1992 as Glasgow Fiddle Workshop. Over 25 years we expanded to over a dozen different instruments, with mixed classes and even a Ceilidh Band class. Since 2017 we are now registered as Glasgow Folk-music Workshop, but we like to stick to just GFW.
  • Partick Folk Club - Partick Folk Club meets on the last Friday of every month. Music played includes traditional, folk, acoustic, americana and blues.
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