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A list of the strange and wonderful websites I visit when compiling these lists, these are my favourites so far:

  • The Fridges of Partick - Documenting the proliferation of outdoor refridgeration in the Partick area - they seemed to only have a passion for this project for the month of September 2008.
  • For Customer Use Only - How to get in/out and where the facilities are in places you might want to go. - throughout the month of April 2012 this person was inspired to draw where the toilets were in pubs on the back of business cards. Amazing.
  • 100 Wild Huts - 100 Wild Huts is an experimental challenge I’ve set myself to build 100 small survival shelters on any piece of ground that harbours enough natural resources for the build. - This is pretty industrious, I like it. Seems like he gave up after 21 though, it ran from Jan 2012 to June 2013. Woulda made a cool YouTube series.
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