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Glasgow 2023 Hackerspace/Makerspace Meetup

Next Meeting

WhereThe Raven, 81-85 Renfield St, Glasgow, G2 1LP
When7:30pm Wed 30th August 2023

Previous Meetings

WhereVinyl Bar, 42-44 London Road, Glasgow NOTE: venue changed from Soulsa Bar
When7:30pm 26th July 2023

Information taken from this reddit r/glasgow post:

“Hi everyone! I’m part of a small group of people interested in making an attempt at opening a 24/7, member-led hackerspace in Glasgow. The plan is to first build a community around this goal (of both organisers and members), then possibly move on to meet-ups, then finally a physical hackerspace if it’s viable. We’re currently very early in this process.

If this is something that interests you as either a potential member or organiser, please join our discord and come to the meetup if you can. That’ll be at Soulsa Bar (on Glassford Street) at 7:30pm on Wednesday the 26th of July. See you there!”

Glasgow Makers and Hackerware Hackers Meetup

WhereGalGael, 15 Fairley St, Govan, G51 2SN
When7:00pm 22nd July 2023 (double check Facebook)

Information taken from the Glasgow Makers and Hackerware Hackers Facebook Group:

“OK, Glasgow Makers and Hardware Hackers get together. Lets make it happen.
I propose we meet at GalGael, 15 Fairley St, Govan, G51 2SN.
Any day is probably doable except Thursday so shall we try a Saturday evening? 7-9pm? July 22.
Facilities, there's coffee and tea and someone can bring a box of biscuits 🙂. There are woodworking benches too. and a big old TV with hdmi input if anyone fancies doing a presentation with video.
I'm not sure what structure the event is going to take yet but there can be talks and/or building activities. I'd like to see people bring along projects they'd like to “show and tell” along. Problem projects people would like some help with? That too. The GalGael machine shop will sadly be off limits but since Aziz and myself have our workshop there, we can throw down some light equipment like soldering irons, electric drill, dremel, and maybe even light use of the small laser cutter or 3d printer, so some maker activity would be possible.”

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