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 +====== Scouts ====== 
 +  * [[http://​|Glasgow Scout Shop]] 
 +===== Groups ===== 
 +  * [[http://​|The First Glasgow Scout Group]] - //The First Glasgow Scout Group was the first Scout Troop to be registered, with its registration certificate dated 26th January 1908. Captain Robert E Young OBE, known to generations of boys as ‘Boss’ Young, founded the Group and led it from 1907 until his death in 1940.// 
 +  * [[http://​|29th Glasgow Scout Group]] - //The Group consists of nine sections; two Beaver Scout  
 +Colonies, three Cub Scout Packs, two Scout Troops, an Explorer Scout Unit and an Explorer Sea Scout Unit.// 
 +  * [[http://​|145th Glasgow Scout Group]] 
 +  * [[http://​|183rd Glasgow (Bearsden) Scout Group]] 
 +  * [[http://​|24th Glasgow (Bearsden) Scout Group]]
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