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   * Variant ([[https://​​variant/​|archive link]])   * Variant ([[https://​​variant/​|archive link]])
   * [[http://​​|Glasgow Southsiders]] - //Local News for Southsiders//​ (Last updated 2005)   * [[http://​​|Glasgow Southsiders]] - //Local News for Southsiders//​ (Last updated 2005)
 +  * [[https://​|The Glasgow Sloth]] - //The Glasgow Sloth is the latest online news publication for Scotland’s busiest city. We are constantly being told how the demise of journalism is just around the corner despite the fact that there is more content out there than ever. Consumers of the news have an abundance of sources to choose from, which can at times be overwhelming. The Glasgow Sloth aims to address the allegations that journalism has become ‘churnalism’ by giving more time to develop stories, focusing on angles that have been missed or ignored. //
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