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 +====== Magazine =====
 +  * [[https://​|Gutter:​ The magazine of new Scottish and international writing]] - //Gutter is an award-winning,​ high quality, printed journal for fiction and poetry from writers born or living in Scotland and featuring literature from around the world. The editors believe there is a need for an energetic, ambitious magazine dedicated to the best in new Scottish writing, published in an international context.//
 +  * [[http://​|From Glasgow to Saturn: A Literary Journal at the University of Glasgow]] - //From Glasgow to Saturn is a literary journal at the University of Glasgow. Based in the English Literature department, and run by students of the university’s Creative Writing Programme, ​ we publish prose fiction, poetry, spoken word performance,​ essays, and articles on the craft of writing. We also feature illustration,​ graphic design, and photography,​ as well as audio and video productions.//​
 +  * [[https://​​magazine|CommonSpace]] - //​CommonSpace aims to be a high quality news and analysis service based on the ethos and values of our owner, the Common Weal think tank.//
 +  * [[https://​​|The Glad Rag]] - //The Glad Rag is Glasgow’s art ‘zine. As the literary arm of The Glad Cafe, The Glad Rag is a platform for creative talent both emerging and established. We are not preoccupied by theme, genre, or matters of nationhood. Our only criterion is quality, ya bas.//
 +  * [[http://​|Glasgow University Magazine]]
 +  * [[https://​​|No 1 Magazine]] - //​Scotland'​s glamorous glossy featuring fashion trends, the hottest beauty looks and must read interior tips.//
 +  * [[https://​​|Snack Magazine]] - //SNACK is Scotland'​s monthly independent free-to-pick-up A5 What's On and Culture Magazine.//
 +===== Architecture =====
 +  * [[https://​​|Urban Realm]] - //Urban Realm is the leading magazine for the architectural,​ design and specifying industries in Scotland.//
 +==== Defunct ====
 +  * [[http://​​|Variant]] - //Variant is an independent arts & culture magazine; a platform for critical debate and the circulation of challenging ideas utilising both a pulp and on-line presence.//