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   * [[http://​|Mediterraneo]] - //Award Winning Italian Grill & Cocktail Bar//   * [[http://​|Mediterraneo]] - //Award Winning Italian Grill & Cocktail Bar//
   * [[https://​​|Italian Kitchen]]   * [[https://​​|Italian Kitchen]]
 +  * [[http://​​|Sapori D'​Italia:​ The Meatballs Master]] - //The MeatBalls Master will bring to the Market a wider concept of the old Traditions of Italian Cuisine, making Italian and Continental Food more interesting in Authenticity,​ with the goal to provide enjoyment to people eyes and mouth, Targeting Quality and Innovation.//​
 ===== Pizza ===== ===== Pizza =====
   * [[https://​​|Baffo Pizza]]   * [[https://​​|Baffo Pizza]]
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