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  • Our Place Glasgow - Glasgow City Council has appointed a team led by John McAslan & Partners to work closely in collaboration with the council and the community to redevelop George Square and the surrounding Avenues (EIIPR Block C).
  • The Glasgow City Region Deal - The Glasgow City Region City Deal is an agreement between the UK Government, the Scottish Government and eight Local Authorities across Glasgow and the Clyde Valley.
  • Ruggedised: Glasgow - A smart city project funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. It brings together three lighthouse cities: Rotterdam, Glasgow and Umeå
  • Common Place: Spaces for People - Help identify locations in the city centre and across neighbourhoods that could be improved to help protect public health, support physical distancing and prevent a second wave of COVID-19.
  • Glasgow City Centre Strategy - Glasgow cannot afford to stand still. The city continues to face major economic challenges as competition to attract and sustain investment intensifies. The city centre’s retail offering has significant competition from out of town shopping centres, and the rapid growth in online shopping and changes to consumer behaviour have negative effects. Changes to office and residential requirements challenge the function of the city centre as work–life balance patterns and the convenience of remote working become more popular. Glasgow City Council and its partners across the city are determined to maintain and develop the role of the city centre at the heart of Glasgow’s economy. This website explains how.
  • GCV Green Network - The Glasgow City Region's Green Network will provide well-connected, high quality, multi-functional greenspaces throughout the region. From cycle paths to allotments, wildlife habitats to urban rain gardens. The Green Network will provide easy and well-linked access to the outdoors for people of all ages.
  • Green New Deal: Glasgow (Street view, Aerial view, Sectional view) - Covid-19 has already reshaped our towns and cities, changing how we live, work, and play. But to tackle the wider climate and nature emergency, our recovery must go further, rebuilding stronger communities and more pleasant environments. The city must be at the heart of the green transition, to showcase how we can bring about a thriving low-carbon life.
  • - Moving towards a sustainable and healthy future will require changing the built environment and transport infrastructure to encourage walking and cycling, and making sure residents can easily access affordable and sustainable services in their area.
  • Wee Green Grants - Thanks to your help we will allocate this budget of £90K to ensure all communities can access, enjoy and celebrate their Parks, Greenspace and Open Space.
  • University of Glasgow: Campus Development - The University of Glasgow are expanding their campus beginning with the Learning & Teaching Hub on University Avenue and then developing the former Western Infirmary site. The development will create a vibrant learning and research campus that is woven into the urban fabric of Glasgow’s west end, building on the university’s legacy and positioning it as a ‘world-changer’ in international higher education.
  • Victoria Forum - Advocating community-lead consultation on the future of the Victoria Infirmary
  • Parkhead Hub - This website provides details of the proposed new health and social care hub proposed at Parkhead in Glasgow.
  • Space for People - Space for People: Byres Road - Let's make Byres Road a people-friendly place


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